Kaya tsolokero

About us

We are indigenous Kenyans, representatives of the Mijikenda tribe.

Our home is located in Junju sub-location, Junju location, Kilifi South Sub-county, Kilifi County. North of Mombasa.

We look after the kaya – sacred forest, which is located in our area. We protect it from devastation and excessive human interference. We educate young people to respect nature and live in harmony with the laws of nature.

We would like to invite you to our tourist centre, which we created in the forest – to Kaya Tsolokero, to show you not only the beauty of wild nature, but also history, culture and traditions of Kenyan coastal tribes. Very different from those presented by Masai, who are not indigenous in this part of Kenya (they are immigrants). Unfortunately their culture from year to year displaces our indigenous, equally attractive and worth knowing culture of Mijikenda peoples.

By visiting us you will help us to save it from oblivion. You are warmly welcome!